Operations Manager
  • Favorite song: M83, Midnight City
  • Favorite food: Pasta Carbonara
  • The right time to work: always

Eddy is a traveler and has been everywhere in Europe. Settled down in Rotterdam with his lovely wife Eva to help people get their bikes with all experience what Pure Cycles brings. Related to bikes since he remembers himself and always falls for them. If you have any question about any possible thing – he will always answer. As he doesn't want to disappear in the dark on the way home after long hours in office he rides his glow in dark Hotel bike but when he is not working he is exploring new places all around the World.


Operations Team Leader
  • Favorite Flowers: Tulips
  • Favorite Food: Sushi and chocolate
  • Weapon of Choice: Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

Zane moved to the Netherlands with her husband and her lovable Boston terrier Sofie in a pursuit of new experiences. She runs the organizational processes, which keeps everything in flow. When she is not busy working, she devotes herself to interior design, loves experimenting with food and recreating recipes in a healthy way. Since she has been living in Netherlands, her new best friend is a bicycle and that bond is unbreakable, thus encouraging people that at Pure Cycles it is not just about cycling but also about the experience and lifestyle. If you need any help or have any question about Pure Cycles, please contact her.


Warehouse Manager / Guru
  • Favorite Song: Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Transition
  • Planned trip: Bike trip through South America
  • Weapon of Choice: Yashica 230D

Valdis has been living throughout Europe in many places, and now he has settled down here in Rotterdam, where he is our Warehouse Manager. He is also a true fixed gear lover and he builds custom bikes, repairs, adjusts, helps and tackles solutions for the true fixed gear way of being a passionate rider. Some say that he is in this for keeps! While he is not managing the warehouse, he is one of the grandfathers of CD’s who is still using vinyl records. Valdis spins/scratches/collects them. It’s not only his hobby, but a way of his life, because he loves to go out to party’s and make the crowd move. You can see that Valdis is always in the groove!


Sales Manager
  • Favorite Band: Kings of Leon
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Special Ability: Never be late

Raivo has been living in England, Portugal and elsewhere in Europe, but his passion for cycling has lead him to Netherlands. By cycling through various places, he manages to be on time no matter what, well most of the time. Raivo is the one who is continuously searching for new dealers and communicating with existent ones, but during the season he is participating at various bicycle exhibitions under the Pure Cycles flag. In spare time, he devotes himself to Landscape Architecture and its linked fields by making outstanding projects. Besides that, he is a passionate landscape/city photographer and says “My camera is my vehicle to experience the world and its beauty”.