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Extremely lightweight and portable bike bag, to help you travel on the light with no additional hassle

Most european bus companies require bikes to be properly packed to be on board

it takes just 30 seconds to zip the bike in/out, roll the bag up and attach it to your backpack.

4 big pockets help to keep everything organized including large zipped pocket.

It weighs stunning 900 grams vs 2+ kg from other makers

How did we save so much weight?

We created a unique design, where every cm of fabric has its purpose. Straps are sewn according to force vectors and carry 90% of the bike weight. There are 4 large pockets to

Areas exposed to high tension are made with stronger abrasion-resistant fabrics.

Protective padding is used in all areas in contact with sharp edges of the bike.

Two ways of carrying:

bike with front wheel off

or bike with seat, bar, pedals, and wheels off

Note: We do not recommend to use this bag for air traveling.