Once a year in Los Angeles, 26.2 beautiful miles of city streets are wrested from the crush of cars to make room for LA's fittest masochists to run the marathon. The streets are closed down and for one Sunday, folks from all over the world run on streets notorious for their normal gasoline-powered traffic.

In an earlier blog I mentioned that bike thieves are the worst thing in the world, and they are.  Even the guys clubbing baby seals for a living can probably relate to some basic human feelings like hunger, fatigue, or changes in temperature.  Bike thieves on the other hand exist only to bring sadness, loss, and the desperate hope for a vengeful god.

Imagine this: You're gearing up for your ride, stretching out your legs, and thinking about what you should keep in your Pure Fix bag.  Most likely, there are a bunch of tools in front of you and you don't really know which ones should absolutely make the cut versus which ones you can leave at home and save your back from that added weight.  Well, you've come to the right place because I've made a list of the must haves for your bike bag!

With all of our different wheelsets, it’s easy to feel confused.  Trust us, you’re not alone!  I propose we hop aboard the wheelset explanation train and discuss the differences so we can rid ourselves of all this confusion and choose the perfect wheelset!

We're only a week away from our inaugural Pure Fix Ride and we are pumped!

The pony wranglers have been priming the ponies, Hugo's has been working extra hard to make sure they're ready for our discerning taste buds, and we've been collecting RSVPs and packing our backpacks with goodies to bring along on the trip.

Start: Pony Paradise
Griffith Park Pony Ride
4400 Crystal Springs Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90027
End: Taco Town
Hugo's Tacos
3300 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Picture this, you're riding over to the park to meet your friends for a BBQ (winter BBQs are one of the luxuries of living in California or the southern hemisphere) and you get a flat tire :(.

No problem.  You've got everything you need to fix a flat in your back pack... except you took your pump out of your bag to make room for all those burgers, buns, and beer you're haulin'.  Uh-oh.

Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of people asking whether they should ride their bike fixed or freewheel. Well, I thought I’d take a second and give you my good ol’ two cents worth.

We love seeing all of your photos on social media with the hashtag Pure Fix!  We send some around the office, get some good laughs, and we even set some of them as our desktop picture.  Creepy?  Sorry!