In an earlier blog I mentioned that bike thieves are the worst thing in the world, and they are.  Even the guys clubbing baby seals for a living can probably relate to some basic human feelings like hunger, fatigue, or changes in temperature.  Bike thieves on the other hand exist only to bring sadness, loss, and the desperate hope for a vengeful god.

Picture this, you're riding over to the park to meet your friends for a BBQ (winter BBQs are one of the luxuries of living in California or the southern hemisphere) and you get a flat tire :(.

No problem.  You've got everything you need to fix a flat in your back pack... except you took your pump out of your bag to make room for all those burgers, buns, and beer you're haulin'.  Uh-oh.

Whether you're giving your ride a style upgrade, swapping a worn chain for a fresh one, or stripping your frame to paint it, at some point you're going to want to remove/replace your chain.

Is there anything worse than a flat tire when you're all geared up and ready to ride?  Yes, bike thieves.  They're the worst thing since unsliced bread and stand alone as a testament to the depths of depravity capable in mankind.  But the second worst thing is definitely a flat tire.

Having worked at Pure Fix for three months now, I've waited long and hard for my City Bike. Now that my beloved Crosby is finally built up (thanks to a bike mechanic...

Now that you're skidding like a boss, you've probably noticed that it's not exactly easy on your tires. And what's hard on your tires is hard on your wallet, and that's no good!

Skidding drags your tire along the pavement, chews through rubber, and that can lead to flat spots (less efficiency means you work harder and go slower) and force you replace your tires more often. So what can you do to make sure you don't turn those black rubber beauts into something like this?

With great excitement, we're launching Pure Fix Season 2! We have a ton of amazing episodes which aim to answer some of the most frequently asked questions from you guys. If you have others, let us know at @PureFixTV and with #purefix. We're listening!

Proud to announce we're deep underway, working on a brand-new season of Pure Fix TV. We have more brilliant episodes to share with you and we can't wait for you to see these. 

Everything from how to best change your tube to how to pick which bars work best for your riding style, we'll lay it down for you. Below are some sneak peak shots from our behind the scenes iPhonographer, China!

So, it's come to our attention that the art of the grease isn't as widely known as we think it should be. So, we're here to teach a lesson! When building your bike, without the use of some lubricant, you'll run into lots of problems. QUICK. Without professional assembly or grease, some of the things that can go wrong are pedals stripping, crank/BB stripping, seat post not tightening enough, bars slipping, bearings not turning easily enough. So, here's the solution: We like to use...

Some of you may have noticed all our bikes come with Risers but that we sell drop bars and bullhorns on the side. Generally, these differing types of handlebars for your bike are all about personal preference. However, I wanted to explain the pro's and con's of each.