Wolfpack Hustle: Short Line Crit

Last weekend, the fastest fixed gear riders around gathered in Long Beach for Wolfpack Hustle’s 2nd annual Short Line Crit. The SoCal sun sizzled the asphalt as hund...

Artist Spotlight: Bryden Lando

Our Artist Spotlight Series aims to combine the practical beauty of our bikes with the hands, hearts, and minds of the most talented creatives around. This time, we ...

Well, that was fun! We had a blast doing our best to ride to work every day. We totaled more than 1,000 miles in our commutes and had a damn good time doing so. We put together this infographic to show you how it all went. Oh, and we promised the LACBC we'd donate $5 per ride to them. And we did! Find that & tons of other fun facts in the attached infographic. Now ride!

Our mission with Pure Fix is simple: grow the bicycling population. For us, biking is the highlight of our day. That's why we started this company. While the fixed-ge...

At Pure Fix, we like to celebrate cycling. May especially. May 1st starts Bike To Work month. Did you know? It's the 1 month of the year that we get to celebrate the freedom to ride.

Bikechella. This is it! We're in the desert and we know you are, too. Post photos of bikes around town with #bikechella and we'll pick our favorites to give $50 gift cards to. 1, 2, 3, say cheese!

Winter is officially over and it's time to hit the streets!
The great news is there are a ton of opportunities to do just that in the coming weeks, so mark up your calendar, grab your bike and get riding!

Warren G. Harding is historically considered one of the worst U.S. President's in history, so when he died in August of 1923, America was itching for an upgrade.  Enter Vice President Calvin Coolidge a.k.a. "Silent Cal" a.k.a. Vin Coolidge.  Cal brought some new flavor to the White House, re-inspired the populace, and got the country rolling smoothly again.  Our Coolidge is designed to have the same effect on you!


When: Saturday, March 15th at 10:30am
Start: Pure Fix HQ
Pure Fix HQ
713 N Victory Blvd
Burbank, CA 91502
End: The Drome
Encino Velodrome
17301 Oxnard St
Los Angeles, CA 91316